Scarecrow and mrs king start dating

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Bruce befriended Lucius Fox, though he didn't share his plans with him at first, and used his position to develop or "borrow" custom-made items that could be useful in his crusade.

He assembled his first armored Batsuit and Utility Belt out of various materials from the Batcave and Wayne Enterprises, and re-purposed a prototype stealth jet to act as the "Batwing", a means of transport and an aerial delivery system, with plans to develop the future Batmobile.

There, Bruce discovered a secret Korean monastery where he met martial arts master, Kirigi of the League of Assassins.

At first nothing more than servant and a foreigner, Bruce was eventually allowed to train with his students in Tokagure-Ryu and other Shinobi arts similar to the Japanese Ninjutsu.

Batman led a successful twelve-year, crime-fighting career until he was publicly unmasked by Scarecrow during the Arkham Knight Incident.

Following the incident, with his identity fully exposed, Batman initiated The Knightfall Protocol and disappeared from the public eye.

Batman stopped pursuing Black Mask and his escort to retrieve the damaged drone's memory card before he headed to the roof.

Batman discovered the bullet fired from Deadshot, and noticed that the bottom said Amer Tek, the name of the company who manufactured the bullet. His first act upon entering the facility was to rescue Warden Martin Joseph from being beaten by one of Black Mask's Henchmen.

Christmas Eve in Gotham began with a bang when Black Mask led a sudden and seemingly random all out attack on Blackgate Prison, and took Police Commissioner Gillian B. After following a trail of destruction and subduing several of Black Mask's thugs and the escaping inmates, Batman noticed that a drone was tracking Black Mask through the prison.

Batman avoided media attention for as long as possible, and added to the power of his chosen symbol.

As a new year drew closer, Batman believed himself to be the only thing that stood between the innocent and the predatory, and that he could handle any opponent. Batman investigated at Dixon Docks where thugs hid there and ambushed them.

He studied various detective techniques, criminal psychology, invention, computers, disguise, escape arts, tracking, acrobatics, weapons, and marksmanship to name a few.

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