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And five episodes into this nine-episode first season of the show named after my Granny Rose, I have said very little and done even less. She’s also upset that uncle David abandoned them and only shows up when he pleases.My appearance on Tuesday’s episode represents the second instance that I’ve received any dialogue or significant screen time this season. My other cousin Mark is exploring his identity as it relates to gender. By telling her that “I want to train cats to bark,” I sound like a silly little kid they can just dismiss. Soon after I’m sitting at the table, my gaze wandering as the adults blather about politics. ” and “I want to train cats to bark.” That second one got a good laugh because it was a response to weird old Aunt Jackie, probably all hopped up on matcha, telling me that I could also be a senator, or a doctor, a captain of industry, because girls can be anything they want to be. You may know me as one of Roseanne Conner’s grandchildren and the daughter of D. Conner on the ABC’s hit reboot of “Roseanne.” Then again, is “know” the right word to use here? People gain knowledge of others through their words, somewhat, but truly through their actions. We know a lot about my cousin — she hates that aunt Darlene moved her and her brother Mark from the big city of Chicago to blue-collar Lanford, IL. I am nearly identical in appearance to a child actor named Jayden Rey. But in Granny Rose and Grandpa Dan’s house, that isn’t true. Surly cousin Harris gets to complain loudly, scream that she hates everybody and generally be a pain in the bottom.

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My personality, my thoughts, my likes and dislikes, they’re all a mystery. Though I have a white dad, my dark complexion announces my blackness. The woman who plays my Granny Rose, Roseanne Barr, believe that my presence is enough to tell you everything we need to know about my relationship to my family.The current batch of “Roseanne” episodes were written long before the whole Starbucks brouhaha, it’s true.