Rules for updating an addendum

26-Oct-2019 04:41

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Hence, batch-oriented reporting is supported for a single patient having multiple documents to be reported (see "IHE ITI TF-3" .

Patient ID's MUST be alligned within the patient across documents within a submission.

If unique identifiers are not provided, internal references between the entities can be used and must be done using UUID v4 identifiers.

Bylaws are the most important document of the organization.

LPR3 supports two kinds of reporting: Full state reporting concerns the case where the client system reports an entire document covering a set of selected services and treatments chosen by the client where the state of eventual previous reported documents with the same document ID is completely overwritten.

Below XML illustrates how the errors at different leves are wrapped in a , then level 3 INTEGRITY_CHECK errors are reported using the dedicated INTEGRITY_CHECK format described in the below sections.

We recommend using the dedicated INTEGRITY_CHECK format for easier machine processing of the various errors returned by the service.

LPR3 is based on a profiled version CDA R2 according to the needs of the LPR3 data model.

The reported documents can be considered as containers of information that are bound to a single patient.

Each document can contain zero to many elements, where elements can e.g.