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Many people who sized up Leo Frank, in a moment’s notice, thought he seemed rather odd, and some described him as looking like a “pervert.” The Eye Contact of Leo Frank On July 28,1913, Mary Phagan’s mother, Mrs.

Frances Coleman (formerly Frances Phagan), mounted the stand as the first witness at the trial and spoke under examination by Hugh Dorsey and Luther Rosser.

After taking a bath each morning, Leo Frank and his legal defense dream team followed the newspaper reports closely every morning.

Given the circumstances and nature of the trial, it was likely the jury may have unconsciously interpreted Leo Frank’s averted eyes during Mrs.

Whether one is trained to read body language or not, the conscious and unconscious interpretations of it play a role in our perceptions and judgments of others.

During trials, judgments are being made not only about what people testify about, but by the their body language and appearance when jurors make decisions about statements, whether truth or embellishment, fact or fiction.

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But this kind of work is tedious, and there are many disappointing dead ends before the solution is found.Coleman’s examination as indicating that perhaps he was experiencing a moment of shame and regret, thus unable to face the mother of the victim while she spoke about her daughter.