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Mc Lain expressed his reservations about the practicality of the year-round school calendar in his address to a Chrysler National Education Program committee on July 9, 1990. It did not appear that our society was ready for such a school yet." Mc Lain said he was recruited for the job at Clarion because of his extensive articles and publications that forecast a need for a new school calendar by 1980 to meet anticipated changes brought about by the "cybernetic era (with computers, robots, etc.)" Chrysler President Lee Iacocca revived Mc Lain's hopes that the all-year school might become reality after all, after reading a news story in which Iacocca proposed the all-year school as a way ti improve public education and ensure competitiveness in world markets.

He told the committee the research demonstration model of a Nursery through Grade Twelve Flexible All-Year School at Clarion was closed in 1980 because our society was not yet ready for such a school structure. Iacocca's remarks were made October 23, 1989 to a joint meeting of the Magazine Publishers Association and the American Society of Magazine Editors, which resulted in another wave of media attention to the year-round school concept.

The timing for expansion was perfect, with the release in 1983 of "A Nation At Risk", which set in motion an unprecedented era of criticism of public education in America and a frenzy of activity to find ways to improve education. Ted Schwinden, who headed the School Facility Use segment of the governors' education task force.

The coup for the marketers of year-round education was the endorsement of the year-round school concept in Time For Results, a report of education reform recommendations issued in 1986 by the National Governors' Association. In his remarks to a NAYRE convention Schwinden says: "All politicians like to claim credit when people adopt their recommendations and show progress.

(11) "By 1980, I had given up on our society changing as I had expected and recommended the research-demonstration model of the flexible all-year school we had developed at Clarion be closed. Other events had also rekindled Mc Lain's involvement in the all-year school movement from which he had backed away to such an extent that he didn't attend NAYRE annual meetings for a decade.

A minority chairperson on the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee, who had introduced a bill to lengthen the school year from 180 to 200 days, asked Mc Lain to appear on television with her to discuss ideas he had previously presented to a Senate Education committee in 1971 about the need for all-year schools.

In a 15-year period, the school district grew from 89 students to nearly 5,000 and was anticipated to swell to 7,000 by 1970s.(4) July 20, 2009. (6) (7) Reservations of YRS Researcher John Mc Lain John Mc Lain, who dedicated the better part of his professional life to writing about and doing research on year-round education, including establishing a demonstration school, viewed the year-round rotating school calendar and vacation schedule as a way to meet industry demands and family vacation desires. Agency for International Development, he traveled abroad to help advise and analyze the education systems of developing countries.

Indeed, the year-round school organization, now headed by its new executive director Charles Ballinger, was ready for a revival. Education Secretary) and co-chaired by Arkansas Gov. Ballinger's considerable influence on the governors' year-round school endorsement is confirmed by Gov.

She also asked Mc Lain to write a monograph: Pennsylvania's Lead Role in Restructuring Our Education System to Meet Changing Needs.