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Besides oracle provides NVL and NVL2 functions which can use to convert NULL. Use the special UUID syntax (uuid'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx',. I have a table which contains 'NULL' values which are of type 'Datetime'.

Now i have to convert those into empty string but when when i use.

if a Date value is null, you would need to use the Null function NULL (DT_DATE).

Syntax Reference, Sample Attacks and Dirty SQL Injection Tricks.

way, convert any now() return values using the to_utc_timestamp() function first.

server to be analyzed alongside other data from far-flung locations, the dates.

An expression that contains NULL always produces a NULL value unless otherwise.

Two things that I will raise are NULL Functions and Type Casts.

similar using the new LAG() function introduced in SQL Server 2012.