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Daan is now headed to other cities of the world after having shown the first ray of hope in Beijing and Rotterdam.

Delhi, the capital of India, for instance, has been smog-ridden and almost inhabitable in recent times, and Daan’s plan to build a Smog Free Tower in the capital emboldened the hopes of millions in the country to be able to breathe fresh, clean air again.

That's when I read it: "humans, neanderthals, and dinosaurs existed together." The poster was challenging radiocarbon dating using Carbon-14 (C-14) isotopes.

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According to him, the tower includes a radial ventilation system at the top to inhale dirty air (neutrally charged).This air enters a chamber where particles smaller than 15 micrometers are given a positive charge.The positively charged particles attach themselves to a grounded counter electrode in the chamber.That apart, Studio Roosegaarde, the social design lab that Daan runs out of Rotterdam and Shanghai, has also brainstormed a range of smog-free bicycles in partnership with ofo, the leading Chinese bike sharing program.

These innovative bicycles inhale polluted air, clean it, and produce clean air, helping riders breathe clean in the fresh air bubble around.

The effect of the Smog Free Tower has been validated by survey results compiled by the Eindhoven University of Technology.