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Jesus talked about how we will mourn and long for the Bridegroom when He is not with us. Your married friends are free to have sex, but that doesn't mean they aren't struggling with porn, fantasy, images from the past, extramarital flirtations, and conflict over sex in marriage.

We will ache for His presence and have deep longings that are unmet. John Piper stated, "The ultimate reason why we are sexual is to make God more fully knowable." This truth is not simply applied to marriage, but also to singles. Single or married, yielding your sexuality under the lordship of Christ will always be a battle. Because you may believe that the answer for sexual purity is marriage. The apostle Paul advised those who "burned" with sexual desire to get married.

Because we tend to only talk about the physical of sex, we ignore the fact that it's our sexuality that ultimately drives us into relationship, makes us desire marriage, expresses our longing to be known, heard, understood and protected — our longing to be vulnerable, soul to soul, with another person, and ultimately, our longing to be known by God.

As a single person, your sexuality serves a purpose.

The same can be said of young men who regularly view pornography.

These activities stimulate your brain, storing lasting memories as if you are actually having sex.

At times you may have to kick out those thoughts 10 times in the course of five minutes. By the power of the Spirit, we now have the ability to choose righteousness.

Lie #5 – God's call to holiness will be "fair." "God would never give someone sexual desires that He doesn't intend to fulfill. " This kind of thinking pervades modern Christianity.

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It may seem "harmless" but will lead you down a path that may ultimately compromise the potential of a pure sexual relationship in the future. No matter what horrible thoughts come into your mind, they do not have to define you.

For many young Christians, single or married, sexuality is the primary challenge for discipleship.

Will you yield this aspect of life to the lordship of Christ?

Singles are sexual beings created in the image of God.

Your sexuality is not compartmentalized, waiting for marriage; it's integrated into all the aspects of your being — intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual. Your sexuality is something that is always there, even if sex isn't a part of your life.

Ephesians -32 alludes to the fact that sex within marriage is a holy metaphor that points to the spiritual mystery of God's covenant love for us.