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I awoke the next morning at a large party where everyone was in some form of near nakedness, sleeping or passed out, with only a few stirring. I didn't remember how I got there or anything of what had happened.

It appeared for a while that Sabbath would not come out. Chairs caught fire and a bonfire was created in the middle of the general admission floor. Most of the recording survived and is about C quality." So, it looks like the gig was originally scheduled for 8 March, but subsequently got brought forward to 25 February.

FREE UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCING CLASS: CC, Ballroom, p.m. Obviously, with BOC in Tempe the next afternoon for a big festival at 1pm, it would have been quite a trip for the gear trucks to get there from Springfield, but I suppose they could have done a "Chuck Berry"-type deal and just flown in and used whatever gear that was already there...

ROCK CONCERT: Blue Oyster Cult with Badfinger, Nazareth & Status Quo, W&M Hall, p.m., S5.50 Anyway - I couldn't help noticing that the next gig after this one is 9th March and then there's another gap until the 16th March. If anyone has any info about this potential Springfield gig, please let me know...

The contract mentioned the other bands on the bill were BOC and Rare Earth.

punk rock dating game minneapolis-45

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Regarding the running order, I was able to work out what I think is the correct order as the contract asked Skynyrd for a 45 minute slot starting at 7.30pm - so they obviously opened.

I was so disappointed that I had missed BOC in NOLA the night before.