Pitfalls of dating married men

28-Jan-2020 13:15

Most women may think that such consequences are obvious, but the reality is that they are not, dating a married man is a very complex and difficult psychological issue, it will hurt your ego and self-esteem as well, and these are the disadvantages and consequences you are going to face: By cheated on, I don’t mean that he will lie to you or try to deceive you while dating you!Of course, he will do this, but you will also have a very big surprise at the end of your relationship, you are going to find out that he has been cheating on you for long time, not only with one woman, but with probably many ones at the same time.And trust me, his wife may already know about what he’s doing, yet, she has decided many months ago to close her eyes because she may love him or she may feel weak and vulnerable being alone, and when he is done with you, he will simply go back to her and even if he divorces her, he will hate the idea of getting married again, and he will probably break up with you just because it doesn’t suit him.These are the disadvantages of dating a married man.On one occasion, after he had drunk a fair bit of alcohol, he told me he loved me, and that I was everything he wanted, but he couldn't leave his kids.Triangles are stable when all three legs are connected.

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By dating a married man, even worse, knowing that he is married and still persisting in dating him, you will find yourself in the second place, and if he’s dating a lot of women, you may even find yourself in the third or fifth place!

Also, you are just as immoral, cheating husband to help.