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22-Apr-2020 06:58

Pisces in February 2018 will be unlearning old and unhealthy habits when it comes to your relationship.These old habits may have been cute, quirky, and adorable before, but they are just immature and annoying now.You will be consulting one another for advice, whether it’s regarding what to order for dinner or where you should go for your next holiday.During this period, there will also be some things that will make you feel a little insecure, but your partner will be quick to reassure you.Pisces in March 2018 will be in the mood for something different.You will feel like it’s time to shake things up and add in something new to the mix.Pisces in May 2018 will be very intuitive when it comes to love and your relationship.

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If you already are, then it’s time to be serious, cautious, and determined about your romantic life!You will be going away on your own and hiding out from the rest of the world.You know that you need this timeout so that you can reconnect with yourself and regain the balance that you have lost.If you’re single, you will be thinking long and hard whether you want to pursue a relationship with someone. But as time passes, the more you realize that this is a bad idea.

The more you spend time with this person, the more you see traits that turn you off!

During this period, you will also be feeling the need to be on your own for a while.