Peterson pipe dating guide Vieochat jasmin

25-Jan-2020 00:13

Designed as a hand holding a flaming sword in Irish "an cláiomh solais" or "sword of light" the mark bears the date 1916 to the right above and 1966 to the left below.

In 1966 a "Jubilee " fourth hallmark was introduced, only for that year, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916.This was one of the most sensational business captures arising out of the Rebellion." Around 1916, Peterson began stamping their pipes "Made in Ireland" in what is referred to as a block format.Charles Peterson died shortly after retiring and moving to Hamburg in Germany in 1919 where he is buried.I believe his pipe might have a military stem according to my shape chart.

I have one K & P billiard which I purchased in Ireland in 1969. This pipe is a little unusual in that it doesn't have the "P" lip but occasionally Peterson's have regular bits. I Don't feel qualified to say but unless the grain is a very fine flame or straight grain, I would'nt think it would be too valueable to smoke.

He was awarded patent number 12393 on the 16th of June 1891 for Great Britain and Ireland. Fredrick Henry Kapp, son of Alfred and known as Harry, joined his father's business in 1914 at the outbreak of the first World War.