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2) Coffee 3) Coffee 4) My supervisor’s approval 5) Coffee 6) Friends/family/lovers etc. Instead of relying solely on photos or online profiles to connect potential lovers, Happn uses your phone’s geographical data to suggest romantic pairings with people who live near you, work near you, or simply enjoy visiting the same bars, parks, or museums. In the past when you went to dating websites, you had a lot of profiles and it was too virtual.DR: Happn is an app for major cities where there is dense population, and it’s strange to notice that these are exactly the place where it’s very difficult to meet people. Fifty years ago, people would talk, then maybe fall in love, and then maybe having sex. Now, people have sex quite easily and then think maybe it’s possible to have love. It’s based simply on the people who are around you.There is this new trend of people trying to protect themselves. “We don’t think so,” chips in Marie Cosnard, Head of Communications and Trends at Happn. It could make things awkward if you’ve just slept with all your neighbours and never called back the next day.” To continue our growth worldwide and hire the right profile to support this.She asked me if I was in a relationship with anyone, and I said I wasn’t. Possibly the look of madness in the eye while I try to hold a number of theories in my head and analyse my data and finish this marking and reply to my students’ requests and apply for more funding. [Nothing says ‘date me’ like academia exhaustion, amirite? Books : Critical Discourse Analysis, Conducting Qualitative Research, Analysing Qualitative Data (8 ed.). Saying the word ‘problematise’ and realising people are looking at me strangely. I have no idea how I got this far without everyone realising I’m a fraud. You want to go for a drink and talk about my thesis.Her reply summed it up: “That’s probably for the best.” Relationships are incompatible with Ph Ds, seems to be the conclusion. Anything by Erving Goffman, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler or Pierre Bourdieu. Although I definitely don’t want to talk about my thesis."The girls far outweighed the boys and got paid far more.Pay disparity hasn't been an issue and I also think I'm a good negotiator, which is why I get good contracts.

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"I think I'm looking for the right person, but there isn't a good pool of people to date in L.

A recent Buzz Feed article really hit home with lots of my Ph D friends – ‘24 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating A Ph D Student’ – it covers a lot of the issues Ph D students in couples have. Mainly I am good at buying theory books I wont have time to read, and stacking them around me on my desk to make myself feel like I’m working. Trying to disguise the fact that all I can think is: “You should be writing. Which is awkward, because I can only think about my thesis.