Patti stanger internet dating tips

25-Feb-2020 07:48

Plus, she has a radio show on XM Pink 24 called “PS I Love You,” every Thursday at 7 p.m.(EST), and has launched her own online dating site, Ps Xo

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This enables you to fill up your time by being so busy that it takes your mind off the one you really want. After all, would you date a man who you felt was physically unappealing?

Then we get into rage or anger—why is this not happening fast enough?

The Frisky: Do you have any tips for women to improve their online dating profiles?

” So I would be her token date, although I had a real job. PS: After ten years, the networks came to me and wanted to put me on television.

And what happened was, a guy got married through me, had a baby, told some friends and before I knew it, I was just using it to get out of credit card debt. They wanted to play the gold-digger card and I said, “Look, here’s the deal. You know—you go on a date, close the restaurant, and you think you’ve met your future husband. And then I started to realize there’s a method to the madness.

After the jump, hear what Patti has to say about attracting the right dudes and letting go of the wrong ones. The Frisky: What made you want to start a matchmaking service just for millionaires? Patti Stanger: When I came out to California, I thought that the matchmaking industry sucked. All they wanted was money and they weren’t helping people find true love.