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Real intimacy comes in different forms, and if a man doesn’t care about his woman that much, it will show in the minimal effort put forth – and a woman will realize she must not be that valuable to him.

If she’s a good woman and worth it, some effort should be put forth on the man’s part.

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Consciously or unconsciously spreading one’s own unhappiness (misery loves company). Possible Intention(s): Express hidden anger, disapproval, or rejection towards an individual. Possible Intention(s): Express anger or resentment. Blaming the victim for causing their own victimization. Strategic disclosure or withholding of key information. Try being forward by saying “Would you like to go out for a drink tonight around 7?

” rather than the passive, “Hey, what are you up to? Modern Women still Melt for Chivalry Why is chivalry practically dead?

Distort perception for easier persuasion and control. Manipulate and coerce the recipient into ceding unreasonable requests and demands.