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After Rod's apparent suicide, Don continued to ignore Nancy's claims about a resurrected Freddy Krueger, failing to come to her aid when she asks.After Nancy's experience and the murder of her mother by Krueger, she and Don grow estranged.When Nancy is preparing to confront Krueger in her dreams, she asks Glen to stay awake and wake her up at a pre-determined time to help her escape danger.Glen instead falls asleep and Nancy is unable to wake him due to interference from his father Walter, who sees her as a bad influence.We also share information about your use of our site with our advertising and analytic partners for marketing purposes.

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Freddy later poses as Don in-order to trick Nancy into dropping her guard, allowing him to deal her a fatal wound.After his death, Freddy gains the ability to infiltrate and control dreams and uses it to stalk and murder the remaining children of Elm Street.

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