Outlook calendar meetings not updating Hrvaski video chat

02-Apr-2020 22:46

kfalandays When I do the same thing on my outlook, set up a second calendar and create a meeting on that calendar.Invite myself when I click send it prompts me a question on if I want to update my calendar now, I click yes and the appointment appears on my main calendar and on the 2nd calendar.She clicks send and it doesn’t appear in her calendar, only on the Year in advance one.I tested this on mine, when I do the same thing it asks me after I send the request if I want to update my calendar now. She said it used to ask her that but now it doesn’t.5- When User1 send meeting request from her calendar then no such problem. 6- I used Get-calendardiagnosticlog to extract the logs: Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'Calendar Logs'.

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setup: "User A" creates appointment in a public folder named "Calendar". Appointment set on the public folder named "Calendar" Appointment is set in "User A"'s calendar Appointment is set in "User B"'s calendar "User A" has an iphone and the calendar item is even synched to it (life is rockin) Now "User B" edits the appointment adjusting the time. Appointment is set in "User B"'s calendar Appointment set on the public folder named "Calendar" "User A" rececieves a message as follows.

I have also had her try from Web Access and it doesn't work from that either.

Only solution I've found so far is and I'm hoping to avoid having to delete and recreate the users mailbox.

It used to do that for her as well until we upgraded our exchange server from 2003 to 2010.

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I thought maybe it was just something that MS took away in 2010 until I tested it on mine.

Similar to the problem reported accept the invite stayed in the affected user's Inbox.

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