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After the Confederate victory at Mannassas, she wrote to her sister, “I felt that we could indeed say ‘thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power; thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy’.” The Tompkins family also shared a deep commitment to the Episcopal Church.

Sally’s sister, Elizabeth, had led the effort to restore the dilapidated Christ Church in Mathews County, and Sally soon dedicated herself to charitable efforts of the local parish.

When war broke out in 1861, Robertson moved his own family to the country for safety. She formed the “Ladies of the Roberston Hospital” and converted the private home into a twenty-two bed hospital, largely at her own expense. Garnett, a well-known physician from Washington, D. At least a half dozen other doctors worked under Garnett and Tompkins.

Tompkins implored him to allow her to use the vacant home for a hospital, and he readily agreed. The hospital officially opened on 31 July 1861, and the first patient was admitted the next day. The remainder of the hospital staff consisted of female volunteers, cooks, and slaves, including “Mammy” Phoebe, a long-time Tompkins bondservant who had raised Sally.

In some cases, patients were kept beyond the necessary time for full recovery, at the army’s expense.

These and other problems caused the Confederate government to close all private hospitals, including Roberston Hospital, on 5 September 1861.

Not all private hospitals were run so efficientlyóor honestly.

Indeed, some of the private facilities had taken to charging exorbitant sums for their services.

Sally Tompkins was buried with full military honors at Christ Church in Mathews County, where an eight-foot monument now marks her final resting place.

“Captain Sally” was born at Poplar Grove in Mathews County, Virginia, on 9 November 1833, the youngest child of Colonel Christopher Tompkins and Maria Patterson Tompkins.

Her family had boasted a proud military tradition since the Revolutionary War when Sally’s grandfather, Colonel John Patterson, was commissioned by General Washington after the Battle of Monmouth.

In the 1960s the Captain Sally Tompkins Memorial Window was officially commemorated in her honor at St. Both remain fitting tributes to Sally Tompkins, a true Angel of the Confederacy.

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Odyssey started out as most good things do, as a hobby.

The Robertson Hospital, as it was known, treated patients continuously throughout the war, discharging its last soldier on 13 June 1865.