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Treatment taken by HIV-negative partners is called pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP), and it is recommended for mixed-status couples.3 It prevents exposure to HIV from becoming an infection.4 Access to Pr EP is limited so it may not be available to you.It is important to plan your pregnancy to protect your partner and baby from HIV.When one partner is HIV-negative and one partner HIV-positive.Also known as a serodiscordant couple or a serodifferent couple.

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"It's a skin rash — if you even get the skin rash."Genital herpes (aka herpes simplex type-2) is insanely prevalent, affecting 1 in 5 American women ages 14 to 49.Many people transmit herpes unknowingly: Up to 90 percent of carriers never have an outbreak.What's more, "if you're asymptomatic and you learn you have herpes, there's not much we can do," says Monica Patton, MD, a medical epidemiologist in the division of STD prevention at the CDC. "I'm left saying, 'I have no idea when or where you got it or if you could transmit it,'" says Maura Quinlan, MD, an ob-gyn in Chicago."Meanwhile, HPV can cause cancer."Even some public health campaigns and sex-ed classes, however well-intentioned, use hyperbole and worst-case scenarios to scare people into action around prevention. "Although the risk of transmission is never zero, herpes shouldn't be a barrier to love, sex, and pleasure with anyone," says Fred Wyland, a rep for the American Sexual Health Association.

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As Austin's confidence rose, she began bringing up her status to both friends and partners. I'm no longer ashamed to have a common virus," she says.

Your healthcare professional can direct you to family planning services.