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Are you prepared for their discomfort, fear, and questions?If you’re feeling really fragile about the conversation, have supportive people around when preparing for the talk.” Telling your partner also helps prevent you from internalizing all the feelings associated with having an STD.Targeting youth who are using emerging digital technology is important for ensuring sexual health equity for adolescents.This white paper is intended for practitioners and others who work with adolescents and provides an overview about the ways in which digital technology can be used to improve the sexual health of adolescents.You are encouraged to be really honest and upfront about your health, and you don't have to worry about being rejected or discriminated against, and you can bond with people in similar situations.... (I've actually heard that happens to a lot of people.) Tell me about your online dating experiences -- I'd love to hear!Finding out you have a sexually transmitted disease can be devastating, life-altering news for some.Another big concern after being diagnosed is telling your partner.

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I never thought I would’ve have been ‘that person’ who gets an STD.” Those feelings are completely normal, says Lauren, and she suggests educating yourself and talking with trusted loved ones when you first get the news. “I recommend being candid and matter-of-fact,” she says.

“I would never wish bad on my friends, but what really helped me cope was that as I talked about it more with them, I learned that some were also living with STDs, too.