Online dating enjoying a boom among boomers

21-Sep-2019 14:47

All of this seemed a distant prospect back in the mid-1940s, when the baby boom began.

With the war over, reunited couples were planning their prosperous futures.

In 1947, the birth rate hit an unprecedented one million a year and, though it dipped in the next ten years, it reached another one million peak in 1964, before entering a long decline.

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For, if Willetts is right, we will not only be picking up the bill for our parents' surging healthcare and pension costs, we will also be paying off their public debt for decades.

For more than half a century, the generation of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown has been living it up, borrowing and spending in the conviction the money wouldn't run out.

But even as the first baby boomers are retiring and looking forward to their hefty pensions, the cost of their 60-year spree is becoming unpleasantly apparent.

And four decades on, we are living in the world they created.

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Britain has the highest rates for divorce and illegitimacy in the EU.

Pictured are a group of the band's fans being held back outside Buckingham Palace Readers born during that 20-year boom may not think themselves particularly blessed.

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