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14-Feb-2020 19:59

Trouble is, the health store that the phone app observes seems to be unsynchronized with the watch.

Suspending the app and resuming it will sometimes prompt Health Kit to do (what seems to be) a synchronizat Recommend:ios - Getting updated heart rate data from Health Kit Now the question is the Apple Watch is updating data in Health Kit and I want the updated average heart beats being refreshed at every 1 minutes.

Since Cocoa implements time according to the NTP standard, these methods ignore leap seconds in the calculation.

You use parameter corresponds to Jan 15, 2010 at AM, there are only 8.5 hours between the two dates.

If you do need to have a calculation that returns the number of days, calculated by the number of midnights between the two dates, you can use a parameter.

If you’re going for speed, this probably isn’t a good method anyway. Day], from Date:a Date); let other Date = From Components(components)!

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