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19-Apr-2020 18:09

A rapidly expanding military has underwritten Beijing’s surging confidence in its own strength vis-à-vis both its neighbors and the US, and increasingly aggressive behavior in the South and East China Seas, where it has claimed islands, rocks, and waters also claimed by Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

It has built artificial islands and constructed runways and other dual-use facilities on them.

And while not directly concerned with the new American administration, the story he tells shows well why Donald Trump’s foreign policies could end so badly for the United States and for the world.

But Rachman does not, in the end, make a convincing case for the book’s thesis—embodied in its one-word title.

Though it is formally China’s ally and largely dependent on it, Pyongyang routinely ignores Beijing.

In a rare misjudgment, Rachman devotes only a few short paragraphs to what may well be the first major crisis the new US administration confronts, and a source of acute contention between it and China.

But its story is disproportionately about China’s economic growth.

Beijing’s official statistics are notoriously unreliable, but by most reckonings, China became the world’s largest economy (measured by purchasing power parity, ) in 2014.

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Beijing instantly—and entirely predictably—froze all communication with the US, and Washington was forced to back down.

Assuming that the Trump administration has permanently learned this lesson, the far more serious threat is North Korea’s advancing nuclear capability (it could soon have enough nuclear fuel for one hundred warheads) and its progress toward nuclear-armed s that could reach the US.

It also noted 2017 losses of 4.4M on .67B in revenues. IQiyi acknowledged in its filing that it faces significant competition in China, primarily from Tencent Video and the Alibaba-backed Youku Tudou.

IQiyi also produces its own content and acquires from third-parties.In the atmosphere of profound strategic mistrust that defines US–China relations, the potential for tragic miscalculation by both sides is obvious.

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