Names to call a girl your dating

11-Mar-2020 00:05

The perfect name to call your partner as you draw matching revolvers and attempt to rob a downtown diner, only to be foiled by a scripture-quoting Samuel L. For those of you who can tell a Tyrion from a Targaryen (these are Game of Thrones references, for those of you who have yet to be indoctrinated), you will know the reverence, power and sheer badassery that this name conveys.

In fact, we’re putting our foot down and saying that this is the best one. This wasn’t even supposed to be a competition but look: this is the best nickname for your girlfriend.

Sun Beams – because she’s always beaming at you, or making you beam.85. The Mrs – once you’ve put a ring on it, that is.96. Twinkles – if she makes you twinkle, or twinkles herself.99.

Star Bright – if she’s the brightest shining star of them all…82. Sugar Plum – only if she likes The Nutcracker though.84. The Fairest of Them All – if we are to go all fairytale like…95.

Of course, the prerequisite is that she really can dance! Dancing Queen – one up on Dancer Girl, but it depends if she likes ABBA…28. Doll – this likely came about as some women were “pretty as a doll,” but be careful as some women don’t, well, like to be compared to dolls.32. Green Eyes – because she has the most stunning green eyes.38.

Cutie Pie – if she’s cute as a pie, then this is the one! Dancer Girl – because no one dances as well as her to your mind. Gorgeous One – someone who is gorgeous, inside and out.37. Miss Wonderful – if she’s your kind of wonderful.60. – almost any name on this list can be used with “My” beforehand.

Kitten – sweet as a kitten, yet with a bit of a bite…46. Just watch out so she doesn’t think the lemon implies she’s sour! Miss Universe – if she’s the prettiest girl in the whole universe.59.

Bubble Butt – this is not as cute as it is sexy, so your relationship should have reached a certain level before using this one. Those sweet little cuddly bears that made the world a better place to be. Best shy away from ‘my lover’ though, unless you’ve found love in the rolling hills of the West Country. #vino #lovemyman) and we can all agree it is a very annoying term.