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20-May-2020 11:15

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Today's article features Clayton Fresk, CFA, portfolio management analyst at Georgia-based Stadion Money Management.

After experiencing a record-long bout of market complacency, this recent equity sell-off and significant climb in volatility caught many market participants off guard.

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That said, it seems alternatives usually get lumped in together as one large bucket of nonequity and nonfixed income. Mutual Funds While alternatives have been around in mutual fund form for a decent amount of time, the number of alternative ETFs has grown in the past few years.

” One answer that has been gaining traction is alternatives.

Given that the equity market just experienced its first correction in a long time, using the S&P 500 Index as the measuring stick, it may be useful to look into how some of the different alternative mutual funds and ETFs performed during the sell-off.

For this analysis, consider ETFs and mutual funds in the following Morningstar categories: (We’re excluding leveraged/inverse funds since these are generally more suited as trading tools rather than buy-and-hold investments.

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