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02-Oct-2019 08:05

You may be told that it is for your own good, but who has the right to decide what is or is not good for you? This topic is no different to them than say, flying in an airplane.

No one tells them that they have to fly in an airplane, which requires putting their life at risk, yet they themselves make the decision to do so or not.

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I believe this to be the philosophy that the government has taken into account when establishing the seat belt mandate laws.

They, being those who make these types of laws, are in fact looking out for what they believe is the greater good for the majority involved.

For a summary of our proposal, read the Director's Report for the citywide MHA legislation.

Freedom of Choice SOC120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities 1 How do you feel when you are told what you will or will not do? Even though there are some statistics that may show a lower rate of injury or death if you wear a seat belt when in an automobile accident, I do not feel that the government has the right to make wearing a seat belt mandatory for adults because by making seat belts mandatory it takes away from our right to freedom of choice, and wearing a seat That no one has the right to decide what is right for them, and that no one should be able to mandate what they have to or do not have to do.This philosophy argues that our moral evaluations should be made in terms of our desires and goals.