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25-Mar-2020 21:18

He thought my recording studio might be the place to make her record.

John invited me to his apartment to listen to the cassette. My first impression was, “Holy shit, I’ve got to find a way to record this music.” I just remember the long walk home from John’s apartment, feeling kinda drunk with the possibilities.

Phair: I was living this completely post-college, flat-broke, only-cared-about-going-out-at-night existence, shirking my adult responsibilities.

In the studio, when we had gone in to record with John, he and I just didn’t see eye to eye about how we wanted to record or how it would sound.

I also think Liz’s mandate about the Rolling Stones idea made me more attractive as a guitar player.

I was in a band that was very “rock.” David Roth, Rice’s roommate: Casey had been working as a faux finish painter, and working with his band, Dog, which was kind of falling apart at that time.

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And the fact that I worked at the studio made it easier.It exploded, fully formed, from Chicago’s indie-rock scene centered out of the Rainbo, a bar central to a then un-gentrified Wicker Park, where Phair, an unemployed artist, was embedded.It was remarkable as a pop album, but also as an unrepentantly feminine shot fired by a newcomer to a scene known for its terse, aggressive, virtuosic albums by bands like Jesus Lizard and Shellac, dudes who had been around since indie-rock’s inception and had helped foster its unwritten rules.I thought, “Why are you telling me it should be this way?

” He really felt strongly that he knew more about tasteful music than I did.

Phair, a privileged, well-educated woman from the suburbs who barely thought of herself as a musician yet had grand ambitions, didn’t play by those rules — soon, however, she would be the scene’s most visible emissary.

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