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29-Dec-2019 00:25

Davis didn’t reveal the identity at the time of posting the picture on her Instagram account.But Laz Alonso commented on the Instagram post, writing, “You’re welcome.” In response to Alonso’s comment, the reality star, Davis wrote, “You are so wonderful,” that resulted in swirling around of their dating rumor.An American film and television actor, Laz Alonso is known for his roles in the movie Fast & Furious and his voice over for the character of Tsu tey in the blockbuster film Avatar.

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But we did engage in an interesting exchange, which at times is more satisfying than steak. Heather: Right, but I’m not referring to someone you casually date. You know how they say you have friends that are there for a moment, what is it—a reason, a season, a lifetime? Heather: When you meet her does she have to come in a certain package? Laz: I wouldn’t want someone to use a non-negotiable on me. I don’t date men who don’t pick up the phone and rely mainly on texting as a form of communication. I get so many texts and emails—my agent, my manager, everybody’s hitting me. Want to read more about what Laz thinks about dating women with children?

And the beauty of technology is you can Facetime, Tango or Skype.