Laws against dating a minor in pa

13-Sep-2020 08:18

laws against dating a minor in pa-8

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If you're just talking about going to dinner or to a football game, no problem.If you're planning to take the minor to bed you could get into some really big trouble.

According to the ACP law, an applicant must be a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or a person who lives in the same household as the victim.If you are 16 there can not be more than a 4 year difference.The activities include an online assessment quiz that consists of randomized interactive questions.Answer Pennsylvania law pertaining to legal age is somewhat convoluted when it is applied to personal relationships.

The actual legal age of majority for the state is 21, meaning when a person is no longer considered a minor but an adult.Masoud Sadjadi2, Weixiang Sun3, Raju Rangaswami2, Yi Deng4.