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09-Sep-2020 15:36

Another friend came out to his family and his father had a heart attack when he found out.

He decided to marry and live a “good” heterosexual life to please his parents and cut off all contact with his gay friends, including me.

Sometimes our parents had to take turns to guard us at the school gates.

At school it was decided we had to use see through bags for a period of time for security.

He also opposed Norway’s ambassador to Sri Lanka (Grete Lochen) bringing her wife into Sri Lanka arguing that lesbian marriages are not legal in Sri Lanka, so allowing *them* in would encourage Sri Lankan women to want to behave in The recent government of Maithripala Sirisena is sadly no better.

They recently announced they would do everything to prevent LGBT rights from being introduced in Sri Lanka.

He has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from family and his work, so we will refer to him just as – “Kaluu” (it means black in Sinhalese, his nickname because he has darker skin than your average Sri Lankan).

If a suspicious bag was found without an owner, people panicked and ran away.Tourism and Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga said that both he and Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, would ensure such rights would not be introduced in the new constitution.As foreigners in Sri Lanka, we had a lovely time, completely trouble free and found the locals to be very friendly, kind-hearted people.There is no guidance as to what exactly “gross indecency” is or isn’t, which leaves it open to abuse by the police to victimise the LGBT community.

Despite attempts by the UN and various Sri Lankan LGBT protest groups to question and repeal these laws, the government has not historically been the most obliging: Former President Rajapaksa, stated gay marriage would ruin the Buddhist heritage of the nation.But as we found in the Maldives, as foreigners, we will always enjoy a different level of treatment, whether straight or gay.

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