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As a result of the viral popularity of the video, Lucious is infuriated with his behavior, but more people may attend his Laviticus performance because of it.

During his night at Laviticus, Hakeem asks Jamal to perform with him.

Hakeem Lyon is a main character in the television series, Empire.

He is the youngest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, brother to Andre and Jamal, and the father of Bella Lyon.

He and his mother have an estranged relationship; when Hakeem was a baby, Cookie was sent to jail for 17 years.

Hakeem grew up in the spotlight because his father's rap career was just taking off as he was born.

Hakeem finds himself attracted to a new hip-hop/R&B singer and dancer, Tiana, who doesn't seem to care about his wealth, and she calls him "phony." Hakeem starts to prepare for a performance at Laviticus, but he doesn't have a back-up to perform with him.

Although Hakeem disagrees with performing for a younger fan base, he is convinced that it will bolster a mainstream base for his career.JSGME ready version of Kuky's modified LUA files for improved vehicle dust trails, wingtip contrails, vehicle smoke, and burning plane wrecks.Original thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php? Hakeem, first introduced as the youngest, lively, fame-hungry son, seems to get to his head.

He first performs Live In The Moment with his brother, Jamal, and realizes that his father, Lucious, will relinquish his leadership of Empire Entertainment to any of Hakeem's brothers.Tiana, disappointed in Hakeem's irresponsibility, discovers Hakeem and Camilla in the hot tub together.

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