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This word is used when someone you find charming or popular is getting married or is already married.모쏠 – mo ssol 모태쏠로 (“solo from birth”) Someone who was never in a romantic relationship in their entire life.The main domain provider for CSDIAI has changed to while CSDIAI does still own the rights to the and versions as well.For those who attended the WSJC, you were able to enjoy the Guidebook, a smartphone app allowing you to view the schedule and plan your day accordingly, without having to flip from page-to-page highlighting times and locations of the lectures/workshops that you would like to attend.We are moving full speed ahead, rapidly evolving to catch up with the times.

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I hope that all of you who attended the Western States Joint Conference (WSJC) absorbed as many lectures and workshops that you could throughout the week; the lineup of speakers were incredible.

돌싱 – dol sing 돌아온 싱글 (returned single) Someone who has gotten divorced and has “came back” to being single.

밀당 – mil dang 밀고 당기다 (push and pull) Every relationship needs a little push and pull.

There many debatable theories behind why guys become 초식남.

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Some of the reasons include concerns for lack of personal life/hobbies when in relationships or once married, fatigue from relationships, financial affordability, or they simply just have no interest in dating.

Jenna Gibson is the Director of Communications at the Korea Economic Institute of America.