Kim possible ron stoppable dating

17-Dec-2020 12:05

Kim and Ron help the adventurer Lord Monty Fiske retrieve a monkey statue, ostensibly to give to a museum.

Fiske, however, uses it along with the rest of the set to transform into a fearsome kung fu master.

Fighting the bad guys, however, is nothing compared to asking her crush, Josh Mankey, out to an upcoming school dance.

On their way to a cheer competition, the Middleton Cheer squad gets stranded at an old camp with which Ron has a long, and bad history.

Kim Possible Games offer a wide selection of action-packed flash games.

Along with Ron and his naked mole rat Rufus, Kim undertakes dangerous missions and a sharp eye and good reaction will help her a lot.

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However, a new challenger plans to crash the match with a magical amulet imbuing him with the powers of Anubis.He faces Gill, a high-school mutant who, when human, constantly picked on Ron, but who is now determined to get his revenge on Ron for inadvertently causing his transformation.When Ron finds himself gaining attention with a haircut Kim convinced him to get, he attempts to transform his personality as well, but develops an unhealthy obsession with his hair.She discovers that the bracelet grows every time she lies, leading to embarrassment when she tries to get out of a series of engagements to attend a party with Josh Mankey and Kim is grounded for a whole month.

In order of episodes, this is the last episode of season 1.Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

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