Just lunch dating cost pictures of men used in dating scams

09-Dec-2019 19:07

Again, it seems that instead of increasing their flexibility, It's Just Lunch actually makes it more difficult for busy singles to meet.

While it's nice to think of someone else doing all the work for you, there are consequences that come along with it as well. has an It's Just Lunch office, as well as locations in Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Signing Up One difficult aspect of It's Just Lunch, and a confusing one at that, is the way it signs up its members.

If anything, you will be set up on a few dates with the only other members in your area.

Pricing According to user testimonials, the service at It's Just Lunch costs between 00 and 00.

When you consider that most users enjoy less than three dates, the average cost per date is at least a few hundred dollars.

Once you submit the form, the employees at It's Just Lunch will eventually call you and set up an introductory interview to get to know your personality.

You can also initiate the meeting yourself by calling instead of filling out the online form.So why would they force these busy professionals to come in person to an introductory meeting?