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29-Jan-2020 04:27

He said: ‘In my own experience, life is not quite like that.’ Anyone up for a Pretty Woman sequel?

begins its new cover story by referencing this moment, but inaccurately says they “threw caution to the wind” and “locked lips.” It may have slightly appeared like a kiss on the mouth based on the angle of the camera, but Gere actually gave Roberts a peck on the cheek.

After that short relationship, she was engaged to her co-star Dylan Mc Dermott.

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3) Animal Lover Roberts loved animals so much that when she was younger she wanted to be a veterinarian.But they just couldn’t help themselves.” Even more deceptively, the magazine’s cover features a black-and-white screenshot of the former co-stars’ on-air kiss, along with the caption, “Caught Kissing!