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SAX processes the input document element by element and can report events and significant data to callback methods in the application.

The XML document in Example 3-1 is parsed as a series of linear events as shown in Figure 3-2.

As with XML documents in general, you can store the compressed XML data output in the database as a .

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You can regenerate the DOM tree without validating the XML data in the compressed stream.

The SAX parser generates a compressed stream when it parses an XML file.

SAX events generated by the SAX parser are handled by the SAX compression utility, which generates a compressed binary stream.

The XML parser for Java can parse unqualified element types and attribute names as well as those in namespaces.

Namespaces are a mechanism to resolve or avoid name collisions between element types or attributes in XML documents by providing "universal" names. to set the parser mode to validating or nonvalidating.

DOM provides classes and methods to navigate and process the tree.

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