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18-Oct-2020 10:13

In addition to a love of cars, Captain Slow also has a light aircraft pilot’s license.

Now that we all know a little bit more about James, what are some of your favorite James May moments?

A new Top Gear deal fell through after Clarkson got into a tussle with a producer.

May was left with a £250,000 bill for the Ferrari — and no income.

“Manoeuvring the Fezza into the underground car park is a bit like removing a plaster from a hairy leg.

It’s agony and might just as well be done swiftly and mercifully — using the launch control.” To those unfamiliar with the term, that roughly equates to flooring the accelerator, closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

As is the case with any show with multiple hosts, fans will develop a favorite. I enjoy James’ more “scholarly” attitude, and his interests are more in line with my own.

Perhaps you’re a loyal Clarkson-er, or maybe Richard’s antics are more your cup of tea. With that, let’s take a look back at the life and times of one Captain Slow (or Mr. In addition to car related nonsense, James has also found himself hosting a variety of different programs. Outside of television, James lives in Hammersmith with his girlfriend Sarah Frater, a dance critic.

He and his two Top Gear co-presenters have signed a lucrative deal with Amazon, and the Speciale has rocketed in value.

“We were all three of us on the brink of a new three-year contract.

I decided to reward myself with a new motor from Maranello. Oh cock, as I used to say when I was on telly.” Worse was to come when the car arrived and he tried to park it.

“The first time I arrived at the garage door I rotated the mirror knob [to fold in the mirrors] and nothing happened.

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Later I found out that you get the folding function only if you specify it as an extra. Punching a guy called Kenneth Ingram in the face after choir practice when I was nine.

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