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Why couldn't Jodi and Brian* have celebrated their nuptials in the neutral precincts of City Hall, or at the Botanical Gardens, or on horseback?

Obviously Brian felt strongly enough about his Catholicism to insist on a church wedding.

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One December afternoon, my precious four-year-old niece Jodi* walked into my mother's suburban New Jersey kitchen and asked, "Bubbie, are you Jewish? "So am I," Jodi confided, "but don't tell Santa Claus." I laughed when my mother told me this story, and I chuckled every time I thought of it – for 22 years.American Jews have been occupied for four decades in a desperate attempt to stay the tide of assimilation and intermarriage (not to even speak of their more hideous confrere: conversion).I remember as a teenager in the early 1960s sitting through sermons where our rabbi pontificated on the various solutions to The Problem. A fondness for kreplach and klezmer and Isaac Bashevis Singer? They don't strive to inculcate in their children a love for Catholic culture.But Jews, as all the population surveys prove, are rapidly disappearing.

The first step in the multi-million-dollar enterprise of passing Jewish culture on to the next generation is to ensure that there will be a next generation.

We are not talking here about secularism, not about Jews who opt out of going to synagogue in favor of a baseball game or the movies, but rather in favor of church.