Is taylor lautner dating lily collins 2016

21-Sep-2019 01:58

He is 28-year-old British Actor born on 18th March 1989 in Guild Ford. The relationship has been started in 2012 and ended in the same year.This lucky guy was also Emma Roberts boyfriend in the year 2012.Even they were decided to hide their relationship from the media. There were some pictures shows that they had fun together. Even the Lily Collins was concern about the relationship with the Chris Evans.The relationship had started in 2014 and just ended in a year. As the time went, they were conflicted started between them. It’s one of the longest relationships for Lily Collins. Lily and Jamie stayed in a relationship for more than 3 years.

Even they have enjoyed numbers of dates with together.Check this dating list to also know about her history with Zac Efron, Taylor Lunter, Jamie Campbell Bower and Chris Evans. Lily is known for her best performances in the movies such as romantic comedy drama Stuck in Love, The English Teacher and Love, Rosie.