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13-Jul-2020 21:30

They might feel as bad (or worse) about the events in their past as you do.

Make sure you don’t damn them for something they’ve already moved very far past. It’s crucial that you go through this analysis, because you need to be acutely aware of differences in their mentality, especially when you’re a waiter dating a non-waiter.

Maybe it was to someone they loved; Or worse, someone they didn’t.

Or maybe they’re so spread around that practically has had a piece of them. And it makes it an unfair trade for you to give so much of yourself for that thing everybody else just took for nothing.

There are many ways to possess someone, besides just physically.

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They physically have already given a big piece of themselves to somebody else.As someone who is waiting till marriage, you are hoping to be owned physically by your spouse by giving them your virginity (and thus your only full-body commitment) and taking theirs in return.