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09-Jul-2020 22:32

The World Ocean Database DVDs are currently available via the NCEI Online Store at contents of these DVD-ROM discs are available as 1) a compressed file via the download data button (download size limit may prevent obtaining all data in one transaction); 2) a complete ISO 9660 disc image from which an identical replica of the original disc may be burned on new CD/DVD media by navigating to the file in the data/0-data/disc_image/ subdirectory.Our measurements show that they actually shrank as cold, dry conditions of the ice age became more intense.

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In very cold and dry environments, where rain and snow are scarce, it predicted that temperature would not always be the main factor driving a glacier’s growth.

The new study confirms that so-called “starving glaciers” in dry, high-altitude environments are indeed controlled by precipitation.

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