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We practiced at a local high school which gave us access to their locker and shower facilities, so long as we weren’t there when any school events were being played.

Our practices were on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work, with our games being played on Saturday mornings.

But I decided during high school that I wanted to be a petroleum engineer, and since I wanted to leave Seattle anyway, as I’ll explain shortly, I went to college at Texas A&M, and then got a great job in Houston with a top oil and gas company.

I met my wife Jennifer at Texas A&M, and we were married right after graduation when we both got jobs in Houston.

But as the season progressed, I started to be attracted to the larger genitalia of the other players.

This might have been because I was embarrassed by my smaller dick and was impressed seeing their cocks and balls swinging in the shower, and I really enjoyed looking at them.

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I was very sweaty and dirty afterwards and decided to take advantage of the showers.It has been 17 years since I last had any sexual contact with the boys in high school, and yet seeing these big cocks in the shower made me feel like I was back there again, with the same strong urges to suck their cocks and swallow their cum.And being from Seattle, most of the guys in my high school were white guys, and I had never seen any large brown and black cocks before.His balls were also the size of eggs and hung low in his hairy, brown scrotum, and his cock and balls were swinging between his legs as he moved in the shower.

I self-consciously tried to keep my body turned so Carlos couldn’t see my little dick, which was only about two inches long soft, and four and one half inches long at maximum hardness.The age of most of the players was between 25 and 50 years old, and it was a very competitive league.