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20-Sep-2019 19:46

LS motors really want to rev, so “most people running LS motors wanted more rpm than a typical small-block Chevy guy,” Comp says.

The XR269HR-14 is Comp’s top-selling LS cam as this is written.

They’ve taken production 6.2L-and-larger LS-based engines to a whole new level.

L92 6.2L Caddy Escalade engines and the new Vette and Camaro all use some variation of these castings.

The main difference is the softer XFI profiles have a slightly slower acceleration rate to reduce pushrod loads and spring requirements.

Combined with a wider LSA than the previous XE series, the result is more top-end rpm and power without overtaxing the stock valvetrain.

The newest player is the LS3 Corvette package with lightweight intake valves.

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The fourth- and fifth-ranked grinds are pretty radical and apparently are being bought by the really hard-core weekend warrior types.

In any event, all five cams are optimized for EFI with wide lobe-separation angles (LSA, see cam specs table).

How they’d run with a carburetor remained to be seen.1.

XFI RPM XR269HR-14Comp developed its XFI (Extreme Fuel Injection) cam profiles from its very successful Xtreme Energy series of grinds.Comp Cams says this cam should “pick up a ton of midrange torque and a bunch of top-end power,” and even with the big rectangular-port heads on our motor, we weren’t disappointed.