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19-Nov-2019 05:50

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Chatbots can answer questions, schedule appointments, help you manage your finances and even pay your bills for you.

More and more users are finding it a hassle to navigate between apps with a quarter of all downloaded apps being abandoned after a single use.

The “predict” feature although in the initial phase, was a surprise and added a smile.

More about Monty, click here to read the post by Fasih Khatib.4.

Human resources and recruitment experts are urging business leaders to take the initiative and strike early and make sure your hiring practices are aligned with current market conditions.

This is the time to reexamine, assess, redesign and deploy top-of-the-line talent acquisition strategies.

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This, of course, intensifies the challenge of finding top talent and in a timely fashion.

No longer just a health issue, managing stress has become a top priority for organizations looking to increase productivity, build culture, and improve the bottom line.

The good news is that resilience is a skill your employees can learn. In this white paper, you’ll learn the three ways resilience can impact your bottom line with: Improved engagement Improved performance Improved wellbeing Download 3 Critical Ways Resilience Impacts Your Bottom Line today!

And Chill: And Chill is a movie recommendation engine that is eschewing the traditional “like/dislike” model of recommendation.

Currently, requests take a few minutes to process, which may be because the startup noted that that some requests involve human input “to confirm what their data crunching gives them”.

The evidence is in: Resilience has a profound effect on employee engagement, performance, and wellbeing — and without it, you risk losing money, time, and talent.