Hiv positive dating sites

08-Oct-2020 15:50

It weakens a person’s immune system by destroying important cells that fight disease and infection. But with proper medical care, HIV can be controlled.Some groups of people in the United States are more likely to get HIV than others because of many factors, including their sex partners, their risk behaviors, and where they live.It can be difficult to decide whether to tell your parents, children, or other relatives that you are HIV-positive.Many people fear that their relatives will be hurt or angry.This section will give you basic information about HIV, such as how it’s transmitted, how you can prevent it, and how to get tested for HIV.

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It’s your decision whether or not to tell a health care provider that you have HIV.

Get a letter from your doctor that explains what you need to do for your health (taking medications, rest periods, etc.). Tell them you want to continue working, and what changes may be needed in your schedule or workload.

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