Hermaphrodity dating

06-Jun-2020 06:00

Call me crazy, but if she was into ****ing people with that thing, wouldn't she dress up like a guy?

If you're not ok with it, take the time to tell her just how hard this decision is for you, she deserves that.

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Have fun sharing stories and photos of..you and when you find someone who interests you, hook up for a fun night out.

The worst case scenario would be that you'd part company if her biology was a deal-breaker for you.

Hey there Stephan...seems to be some real confusion as to what your "squeeze" actually is...while true hermaphrodites are EXTREMELY rare.or may not have a real one..either event...you've fluffed her off for some days now.

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I need some advise when this happened she started balling saying she wanted to tell me but didn't know how and she loves me..i told her i would think about it and call her..it's been 4 days and i am confused Do you like her????