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10-Apr-2020 17:03

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"Hello, I'd like to purchase a chimney please" you'd say to the hapless Saturday morning B & Q employee.

"Ummmm, I'm afraid we're out of chimneys" he'd say back, if indeed they sell them at all. " The problem with ordering a chimney of course, is that it takes valuable time, and your victim may well have gone to work, or possibly emigrated, by the time the chimney arrives.

Onto the issue of moving the damn thing, and you'd have to probably ensure the help of a friend with a transit van to move the chimney to said location, something the Tamperer obviously had when s/he conceived the song lyric.

Finally, there's the problem of manouvering the victim into place to dump the chimney on them.

When it didn't, he obviously shouted "tish and fipsy!

Our doors are very sturdy, we have lots of doors in stock..." You can just imagine the Tamperer standing in his local B & Q, questioning whether 'door' would fit into the line.With no hassles, no sign up forms and no hidden fees, our free adult webcams are super simple to use.Here are some benefits of using Pornoroulette: Using our free adult webcams is so easy to do that you’ll be meeting hundreds of sexy girls in no time.Pornoroulette is the one and only sex chat site online that lets you get laid instantly.

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