Funeral service accomodating disability

07-Jun-2020 12:23

I have had problems in the past where I have needed to return something and they gave me what was promised, a full return.However, just today I went to return my tv which had stopped working suddenly and since I was a worker in systems administrations, I pride myself in knowing how to fix and use my technology so when my tv stopped working I knew I needed to return it.Then backed down to 6 of the stores that sounded like they knew what they were looking for and saying. When we left, I stopped in the entry to bundle up again, get my umbrella ready and the woman working the lobby area came up to me and said no one will be able to pick you up at the door. I saw people with overloaded carts, probably spent hundreds in the store, pushing carts thru the puddles in this horrible weather.If that were me and I had the option of being picked up at the door and was denied it for whatever reason yesterday, I would have turned around and brought the cart right back into the store for a refund.

Two weeks in a row I’ve been unable to get fuel pumps to read my Costco Citi Visa card at the fuel pumps after swiping the card. Reply Hello, I have been a Costco member for quite some time and have always loved their reliable return policy.I was PROMISED that there was a 2 year warenty when purchased with a card, which I did, Since this does break the contract I had made when purchesing the tv I know full well I could take them to court, that being said I hope Costco can do the right thing and just return my tv, as they promised.

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