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I can't have the flower bed in our unfenced front yard because of another flower devourer, the South West's feral pig, Javelina, whose odor you wouldn't believe is stronger than a skunk's. Hang a single strand 8 to 10 inches off the ground around the edge of your garden, the experts suggest.“Here is my Javelina deterrent method: OK, this is really gross but it is free and only for garden lovers who are determined to persuade the neighborhood Javelinas (and rabbits as a bonus) that their garden just isn't yummy anymore.This has worked perfectly so far, and here's what you do.So this is what we've done: fill up water buckets with water (that can also be used to water the garden); put the buckets right in front of the gate so that Javelinas CANNOT get under the gate without toppling over four water buckets onto themselves (Javelinas do not like water on them!When it comes to water they are as skittish as cats...

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So for this week we did "Javelina watch," getting up around 7 am to check the garden. Plus, I noticed that the gate had been pushed up some more! We are down to our last couple of squash plants, and WILL NOT LOSE ANY MORE!

The Javelinas and rabbits aren't even walking on my property.