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Founded by Howard Deering Johnson, it was the largest restaurant chain in the U. throughout the 1960s and 1970s, with more than 1,000 combined company-owned and franchised outlets.Howard Johnson hotels and motels are now part of Wyndham Worldwide.The effects of war rationing had crippled the company. When the Pennsylvania Turnpike (1940), and later the Ohio Turnpike, New Jersey Turnpike and Connecticut Turnpike were built, Johnson bid for and won exclusive rights to serve drivers at service station turnoffs through the turnpike systems.Johnson managed to maintain his business by serving commissary food to war workers and U. In the process of recovering from these losses, in 1947 the Howard Johnson's company began construction of 200 new restaurants throughout the American Southeast and Midwest.By 1951, the sales of the Howard Johnson's company totaled 5 million.By 1954, there were 400 Howard Johnson's restaurants in 32 states, about 10% of which were extremely profitable company-owned turnpike restaurants; the rest were franchises.The first Howard Johnson's restaurant and Howard Johnson's company received an incredible break in 1929, owing to an unusual set of circumstances: The mayor of nearby Boston, Malcolm Nichols, banned the planned production of Eugene O'Neill's play, Strange Interlude, in the city of Boston.

Regardless, the new recipe made the ice cream more flavorful due to an increased content of butterfat.Johnson was surprised to find it easy to pay back the money lent to him, after discovering his recently installed soda fountain had become the busiest part of his drugstore.Eager to ensure that his store would remain successful, Johnson decided to come up with a new ice cream recipe.Howard Johnson's restaurants were franchised separately from the hotel brand beginning in 1986, however began to severely dwindle in number and all but disappeared by the 21st century.

The food and beverage rights to the restaurant are currently owned by Wyndham Worldwide.Through word of mouth, more Americans became familiar with the Howard Johnson's company.

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